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Michael H Yoscary

July 12 at 11:51am

Fasano's Shoes which opened in 1911 on Church St but is now at 66 N Washington Ave is Bergenfield's oldest business.

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Dave Sorkow

Dave Sorkow And the truant officer years ago

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Sean Duffy

Sean Duffy Still have my Timberlands I bought at 18 yrs old from the Truant officer

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Michael H Yoscary

Michael H Yoscary Does anyone remember how long it has been in this location?

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James Devine

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Harry Bud Munson

Harry Bud Munson The owner still maintains a card file on every customer with sizes, styles and.preferences of each customer. Excellent service to this day.

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Lori Bennett-Lavery


Lori Bennett-Lavery Wow it's still there?

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Vincent Santo

Vincent Santo I bought my red wing boots there. Next to state farm ins.

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Susan Fedorchak

Susan Fedorchak My dad bought his workshoes here.

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Nancie K Vogt

Nancie K Vogt Mr Fasano was the truen officer in the late 60"s...70's.

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Patricia FeistyGirl

Patricia FeistyGirl What ever happened to Vinny Fasano, anyone know?

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Loretta Shine

Loretta Shine He is still in Bergenfield.

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Kenneth Thomson

Kenneth Thomson I live in Colorado and couldn't find the work boots I wanted. The pair I found were to much money. Went home on vacation to Bergenfield and found a better pair there and $80.00 cheaper.

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Patricia FeistyGirl

Patricia FeistyGirl Really? Thanks Loretta Shine... Guess, he isn't on FB? Hope he is well, I always like him. He was a good kid, knew him in HS....

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Mark Weber

Mark Weber Mom and Pop business. Remember going there to buy boots. Glad to see they are still around.

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Toni Sissy Candela Wall

Toni Sissy Candela Wall that's where my Mother got the lift put on her shoe and she drove special ed kids for him

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John DeGeorge

John DeGeorge a great man...

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Michael Fasano

Michael Fasano Wow! I am loving all these comments. The shoe store was started in 1911 on Church Street and moved to Washington Avenue at the end of WWI. My father and grandfather took a barracks building from the old Camp Merritt and set it on a foundation and bui...See More

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Dana Volpe Cammarata

Dana Volpe Cammarata Where is it?

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Michael Fasano



Patricia FeistyGirl

Patricia FeistyGirl Awe, thanks Michael Fasano, Tell him Patricia Daidone... :)

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Michael Fasano

Michael Fasano Will do!

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Diana Dloughy

Diana Dloughy A great and special man. I had a childhood disability and he often drove me to school. (This was in the early 60's). It was amusing for me to be picked up by the truant officer. 😃

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Anthony Locicero

Anthony Locicero Lorraine

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Cathy Murphy

Cathy Murphy I grew up right next store to them , we would sit on the steps with mr and mrs Fasano and have ice cream cones

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Frannie Parra Beningaso

Frannie Parra Beningaso I remember the owner, Truant Officer Larry Fasano

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Christopher Olsen

Christopher Olsen Glad to see they are still open

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Greg Fink

Greg Fink As a child of Bergenfield my Grandma-Peg Horni would bring us to all the stores in Bergenfield first.. My Uncles Harry and Mike , My Mom Maureen also shopped at these stores for years. To Mr Michael Fasano I say "" Thank you for remaining in Bergenfield! Next time I am home I am buying shoes here!!!! ""

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Michael Fasano

Michael Fasano Greg, Thanks so much.

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